Ellen-with-MicrophoneAn innovative voice in American journalism, Ellen Goodman brings her trademark intellect, wit, and compassion to audiences across the country.

As a keen observer of social change, she chronicles the way families, women lives, the media  and values have been transformed over the turbulent past generation. Now, as founder of The Conversation Project, she also shares insights and inspiration, encouraging families and individuals to tell their stories and express their wishes for end of life care.

At community events, at health care forums, and in a seminal TEDxTalk, she shares the story of her own experiences as a caregiver and the difficult decisions we all face in this new high tech medical environment. Her goal is to help families and to change the cultural norm in the way that Americans think about and prepare for the way they want to life at the end of life.

Ellen is also called upon as an expert on this subject on national panels, and on news outlets from broadcast to radio to on-line journalism. She’s been featured on ABC’s World News with Diane Sawyer, Greater Boston with Emily Rooney, NPR’s Morning Edition and Here & Now, PBS NewsHour, TIME magazine.com, USA Today, the Washington Post, Woman’s Day and many others.

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