Ellen has witnessed and been a part of the stunning ways families, women lives, the media and values have been transformed over the turbulent past generation.

For over 30 years, the Pulitzer Prize-winner was the most widely progressive columnist in the country.

In her role as a social observer and commentator, she has brought her trademark insight, wit, and compassion to audiences across the country.

She’s also been featured as an expert on women’s issues, politics, the longevity revolution and on end-of-life care. She’s been seen and heard on television, on her Ted Talk, on ABC’s World News with Diane Sawyer, Greater Boston with Emily Rooney, NPR’s Morning Edition and Here & Now, PBS News Hour, TimeMagazine.com, USA Today, the Washington Post, Woman’s Day and many others.

Some Topics That Ellen Speaks On Include:

2020 –A New Vision for Women

The year 2020 will mark two momentous landmarks in the experience of American women: the 100th anniversary of woman’s right to vote, and a presidential election that is likely to hang on the use of that vote.

Goodman will celebrate and connect both of these events in an engaging and memorable talk dedicated to passing the torch to a young and diverse generation.

“Women who have been through a half a century of change can pass along to our daughters and granddaughters a belief in the ability to change the country through collective and political action. The belief that we can do it. Again.”

A Civil Tongue

Longtime journalist, Ellen traces how civility was shattered, who is winning and who is losing in the media mud wrestling. She shows how incivility is tearing us apart and how to call a truce.

“Civility means that we need to be able to talk about things we disagree about, leave our minds and ears open and stay in the same room with the people we disagree with.”

The Longevity Revolution: Our Third Act

The generation of social change agents is now embarked on something new: the Longevity Revolution. The new elders are turning 65 at the rate of 10,000 a day. Ellen asks: How will these new seniors find meaning in their Third Act? How does this generation rewrite the script on senior citizenship for themselves and the country?

“Older Americans are too often seen as “the problem,” the grey tsunami, part of the generational conflict. When in fact we can be the problem solvers.”

Feminism 2.0

We have seen a generation of change in women’s lives. Ellen has been there, done that and talks about: How far have we come? Where are we stuck? What’s next?

“I don’t think women will ever achieve equality in our own towns until we achieve equality for the values of caregiving that we were assigned and have held high. We want to make it for ourselves AND our values.”

Have You Had the Conversation?

A full 90 percent of Americans believe that it’s important to talk about their wishes for end of life care, how they really want to live to the end of their lives. Yet only 30 percent have actually had this conversation. As founder of The Conversation Project and a daughter who lived this story, Ellen makes this a rich and comfortable subject.

“The conversation about end of life care is not about what’s the matter with us, but what matters to us. Having these conversations is a gift we give our loved ones.”

Ellen’s Past Clients Include:

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